North America’s Best Insulated Mail Slot … The Draft Dodger™ Insulated Mail Slot


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Engineered for maximum insulation performance, our DraftDodger™ Insulated Mail Slot  uses nylon tension rods to keep its flap closed on the outer rubber seal , yet easy for mail or objects to be passed through. The interior  brushes act as a second line of defence keeping the unacclimatised air from rushing in when opened. This is the new standard for North American households and businesses, they are the best value in the marketplace! For more details please click here.

What is a Mail Slot?

Similar to a mail box, a mail slot (also known as a parcel slot) allows objects to be passed through your door into the security of your home or business to be collected by you. This allows for more valuable goods to be exchanged more safely than leaving it in a mail box or on a door step.

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