Selection Guide

Let’s decide which model

Regardless of which you choose, all will have the energy efficient properties that the Draft Dodger is known for

Some requirements to think about

  • Is there a hollow or foam door that a pass through sleeve is needed?
  • What are my dimensions that my mail slot needs to fit in.
  • What is my thickness of my door, wall, or glass I am installing it on?

The Model Options


The universal telescopic mail slot or the Uni-T provides an adjustable passthrough sleeve which allows for ease of use for delivery and installation. This model comes in two sizes, Standard or Grand

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Measuring Guide

Uni-T Features

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The Surface has all the energy efficiency features packed into one single sided frame.

The Surface is tailored for quick installation with screws or silicone and is used normally in urban centers on glass or as a quick replacement of the old leaky mail slots.

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Measuring Guide

Surface Features

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Open Sleeveless Classic Surface Mount revealing Brushes