Measuring Guide

There are NO INDUSTRY STANDARDS OR SIZES in mail slots, therefore you need to MEASURE ACCURATELY.

Successful purchases and installations depend entirely on accurate measurements.

One manufacturer’s “magazine” size may be another manufacturer’s “letter” size. Even our “Elite” magazine size is a different size from our “Classic Surface Mount” magazine size.

The likelihood of dissatisfaction is substantial with inaccurate measurements.

To begin, you must remove your existing mail slot to be able to  measure the width and height of the actual hole cut through your door or wall.

Only the size of the actual hole cut through your door or wall determines if one of our mail slots will fit.

Although it is always easier to increase the size of an existing hole than decrease it …

Click here to read ways of decreasing the size of a pre-existing hole or watch the tutorials.

How To Measure

Step 1. Remove interior AND exterior face plates of existing mail slot from your door or wall

Step 2. Measure the width and height of the “actual hole cut through your door or wall” from both the interior AND the exterior sides of your door or wall and write measurements down

Step 3. Repeat measuring process to make sure your measurements are accurate as in the adage “Measure twice, cut once”

Step 4. You now have your “Cut Out Size” measurements

Step 5. Proceed to our “Products” page to select the appropriate mail slot for your needs

Step 6. Compare your “Cut Out Size” measurements to the “Cut Out Size” measurements of one of our products

Step 7. For optimal installation your measurements must be smaller than our product’s “Overall Frame Size

NB. If one or both of your height or width measurements of the “actual hole cut through your door or wall” are larger than the measurements of our “Overall Frame Size”, click here for information on advanced installations.

Click here to watch the tutorials

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